Sunday, March 1, 2015

Who is Joshua Joseph?

Joshua Joseph is a composer with a very unique background that gives his music an
ethereal almost “sacred” space feel to it. This allows the listener to enter a “space” that is solely and uniquely their own and there to experience their own “sacred space” with their creator and to experience an encounter that is intimate, restful and soothing.

Joshua is autistic, (higher functioning). He was 15 years old before he was able to socialize and interact in a somewhat "normal" way.  Born with very unusual physical anomalies and through a history of silence and difficulty communicating, the triumph of the Holy Spirit in this unusual life are all evident in this music which stirs the soul and moves the spirit.

He describes his instrumental style as “new-classical,” incorporating jazz chords with melodic classical lines and arranging.  His contemporary vocal style he describes as in the style of "Bread" in the 21st Century.

Glory” is a beautiful and uplifting instrumental collection of nine tracks, all composed by Joshua and based on meditative prayer that enables the listener to connect with God in a deep and powerful, yet sweet and calming way.

"Icon Of My Heart" is a contemporary Christian music setting for Joshua's Vocals with powerful and thought provoking lyrics.  The Music is thematically based on songs of Repentance, Forgiveness, Mercy, Hope and Love.

Joshua holds a Bachelor of Music as well as a Master of Arts In Theology from Mount Angel Seminary. He lives in Albuquerque New Mexico where he founded and established "Little Hermitage Music" a music production and publishing company. He is happily married to his wife Teresa, and enjoys working out of his home music studio. In addition to his music, Joshua creates "wood art, writes poetry and enjoys hiking, and spending quality time with his family.

Joshua Music Ministry provides FREE Thematic Retreats and or Prayer Concerts upon request.  Currently they are producing 3 events available upon request in addition to Prayer Concerts. 

Be Holy As I Am Holy is a Day Long Retreat thematically based on Leviticus 44:11 and 1 Peter.  For More Info click the Page Links above.

Come Follow Me, A Closer Deeper Walk with Jesus is a Day Long Retreat thematically based on Matthew Chapter 4. For More Info click the Page Links above

The Star, A Christmas Story Musical Event, is a reenactment of the Christmas Story which incorporates all four Gospels, original music by joshua joseph and a Living Nativity Scene at the end.

CD's are available for purchase after each Prayer Concert.    
To have Joshuamusicministry provide a Thematic Retreat or Prayer concert for your Church or group please contact them at:
Little Hermitage Music

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