"Be Holy, As I, Am Holy"

  "Be Holy, As I, Am Holy"

We are all exhorted to reflect Gods holiness, but how?  Is it even possible in this modern world? What are the first steps toward holiness?  These are questions that this retreat covers. Being a Christian is much more than just saying I am a Christian, it involves decision first and then intent to walk a certain way of life given to us by and through the example of Jesus Christ. How do we do live this out in our day to day lives?  These are themes this retreat covers.

Joshua Music Ministry "Be Holy As I Am Holy" Mini Retreat

The theme for this Mini Retreats is Holiness. The title of the Retreat is "Be Holy As I Am Holy" based on the scripture in Leviticus 44:11 and 1 Peter 1:15-16.   We explore the biblical roots regarding Gods Holiness and our call to be holy as he is. All are invited and welcome to participate in these no cost mini retreats being given at various parishes and groups around the country.

To have Joshuamusicministry provide a Thematic Retreat or Prayer concert for your Church or group please contact them at:
Little Hermitage Music

Email: Littlehermitagemusic@gmail.com    (write either "PRAYER CONCERT" or "Retreat Request" in the subject line)
Teresa @ (505) 203 - 0453

Sylvia @ (505) 259 - 5576

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